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About Us

We are a company with a clear aim, to supply quality renewable solutions at competitive prices. We are not a company that “knows a little about a lot”. We are in the Renewable Energy Business since 2001.

German Products

“Vorsprung Durch technik”... There is no literal translation but to the world’s consumers it means... “ the winning margin through technical advantage” The Germans know renewables. They have been improving renewable products for decades before the concept caught on elsewhere. That is why we at “Pure Energy Technology” source our products from Germany where possible. They build their products to last and when one of our systems becomes part of your building, longevity is a key priority for both of us.

High Quality Product, Best Price/Product Balance

Sometimes quality such as ours comes with inflated prices that outweigh the benefits. Not Pure Energy. We buy Quality product direct from manufacturers and import it direct to our warehouse.

There are no middlemen in the process so we are ‘Renewable Energy Direct. We have almost ten years of supplier relations and as many years sourcing products. Strong buying power means we can supply top quality products at best Price/Product balance.

100% Focused on Renewable Energy

Many companies have joined the Renewable Energy bandwagon since the introduction of renewable Grants in 2006. By this time Pure Energy had been in the Renewable energy business for five years.

Many of the newcomers are focused in other areas of energy such as oil or heating components suppliers. Our focus is Renewable Energy only. Pure Energy was formed with that goal and remains focused on Renewable energy only. The result? Better and more focused solutions to our customers.

Technical Support- 8 years experience in Renewables

Even with quality products and experienced staff, things occasionally don’t go as planned. Unlike other companies we are here for the long haul to support our customers. With dedicated technical support personal for all our customers’, solutions can be found with minimal hassle as quickly as possible.

Company History.

Pure Energy Technology Ltd formed. New offices opened in Bruff, Co. Limerick. First solar thermal system sale. First Wind Turbine installation.
Feb 2002 Pure Energy hires first employee. First wind turbine installation in Dublin. First Solar PV system sale. Developed the Pure Energy controller for optimising battery based wind turbine and Solar PV systems. Employees 3.
First Heat pump and underfloor heating system commissioned. Visited our first solar exhibition in Germany and imported our first solar system components. Pure Energy rent warehousing near Bruff Co. Limerick. Employees expand to 8.
Ireland’s first 15KW wind turbine commissioned by Pure Energy. First combined 15KW wind turbine, heat pump, underfloor heating and solar thermal site with integrated controls in Ireland.
Sales pass €1 million for the first time. Pure Energy outgrows the start-up offices and also the rented warehouse. Pure Energy Chosen by Dimplex heat pumps to represent their heat pump business. Employees expand to 13.
Pure Energy main office & warehouse move to new 550 m2 (6000 ft2) premises in Fedamore Co. Limerick. First external representative hired in Galway.
Pure Energy firmly established as the market leader in Renewable Energy Products. High quality Customer service levels lead to ‘Word of mouth’ sales doubling. Employees expand to 24.
Pure Energy successfully develops & markets a control system for enhanced domestic hot water production from heat pump systems. Pure Energy expands into North West, North East and South East of Ireland by setting up sales support and installer bases locally.
Restructured the company to ensure dominance in a changing economic environment. Cost reduction and the value to customer becomes the focus. Increased the sales force and introduced a dedicated technical support customer service telephone line. Pure Energy expands while many former competitors leave the renewable energy business.