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Solar Energy Ireland

Solar Energy Technology works using both direct sunlight and indirect sunlight to bring an economical energy solution to home, farm and business.  The benefits of going solar are twofold in that you have clean, eco friendly renewable energy at a cost effective price.

Solar Power in Ireland – not a myth

We supply and fit solar energy solutions to new homes and businesses and we also retrofit to older properties. Householders and businesses want to save money on energy costs now and into the future as traditional energy costs are escalating. Businesses and homeowners can cut energy costs significantly by hiring a reputable solar energy firm in Ireland to install their solar energy solution. We are in the solar energy business since 2001

Benefits of Changing to Solar Energy

Solar energy companies provide clients with a wide range of services that go beyond installing solar panels. You can take advantage of a free consultation where we will advise you on the best renewable energy strategy for your home or business.  We take your budget into consideration as well as advising on the most suitable solar products for your individual needs. Virtually every home and industry can benefit from changing to solar energy and our range of products is the most technically advanced available in Ireland today.


"Virtually every home and industry can benefit from changing to solar energy and our range of products are the most technically advanced available in Ireland today.." 

The most efficient solar energy companies operating in Ireland today use German made solar products and have years of experience in planning and installing solar energy solutions.  Creative design at the initial stages is key to reaping the rewards from solar energy throughout the long-term.  We can plan and install your solar system throughout Ireland and further afield if necessary. Unlike our competitors we are focused purely on renewable energy through dedicated technical advice and support. Pure Energy Technology is a solar energy company that's been serving Ireland for almost 10 years, catering for the needs of the home owner, the farmer and the business owner with the same level of integrity


Types of Solar Energy Heaters for use in the Irish Climate

There are two main types of solar water heaters available:

    Roof Mounted Solar Panels - Flat Plate
  • (i) Flat plate collectors. These collectors are the most cost effective and provide the best return on investment. The appearance is not unlike that of a large roof mounted Velux window. Read more
    Ground Mounted Solar Panels - Vacuum tubes
  • (ii) Vacuum tube’s (also known as Evacuated Tubes) collectors. These collectors are advantageous where space is limited, where you don’t have a south facing roof or where higher performance is required in overcast conditions.
    Read more

If you would like to apply for the Grant then please CONTACT US and we will provide you with the technical data necessary for the application. If you have any other questions check out our Solar Energy FAQ